Monday, December 17, 2018
Serenity Board and Care

LIC #: 496803632

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About Us

Two elder female smilingAs a privately owned licensed residential care facility for the elderly, Serenity Board and Care is here to serve you.

We are committed to providing optimum care with a high standard of quality in service delivery. We want our residents to enjoy life to the fullest especially in their retirement years.

Along with our team of caregivers, we share the goal of fostering a welcoming environment from the first day that the resident spends with us and all succeeding days that will follow. Truly, Serenity Board and Care is a place where the welcome never fades over the years.

We provide 24/7 assisted living that includes safety supervision, meal preparation, assistance with ADL, mobility support and companionship.

We currently have the capacity to accommodate 6 residents at a time. For admission inquiries, please call 707-537-1933.

Testimonials from Clients

Words cannot express the gratitude we feel toward Serenity Board and Care. Helen, Joel, Beth, Evelyn and staff are the most amazing, caring, and compassionate caregivers.

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